Smarten Up Your Factory

CSB technologies for better food production

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Advance factory control
added transparency through

Standardize product quality
and reduce costs

Industry 4.0 ready – Enhance digitization and automation
of factory processes

Smarten Up Your Factory – with the technologies by CSB.

The Smart Factory is not a mere vision. With CSB’s technologies, you utilize today the benefits of digitization and make your enterprise fit for the future. We support you with our comprehensive portfolio of software, hardware, consulting and services from a single source. This is how you smarten up your production - now and in the future.

At the Smart Factory, smart management, a smart supply chain and, in particular, smart production as well as a smart IT landscape ensure efficient business processes.

CSB Web Apps: Know what’s going on, anytime and everywhere.

Improve the transparency of your value chain and systematically control the performance of your enterprise. With the CSB Web Apps, you know what’s going on, anytime and everywhere, even when you are on the move.

CSB Linecontrol: Optimal control of production and packaging lines.

Reduce throughput and delivery times, assure standardized quality of your products and increase productivity. With CSB Linecontrol, you control production in real time.

The Factory Software of the Year 2018 at the heart of the Smart Factory.

We help you to control your factories optimally and supplement your Group ERP with CSB FACTORY ERP and its unparalleled industry-specific processes. CSB FACTORY ERP consistently represents the entire primary value creation of production and logistics, ensuring homogeneous processes. This creates transparency and reduces costs.

Production planning and control: Manage complexity and cut costs.

Flexibility in production and optimal management of resources: Use CSB Production Planning and Control in order to achieve continual process improvement while cutting costs substantially.

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CSB Vision: Your factory can learn to see.

Would you like to reduce error rates and costs in your production chain? Then use the CSB Vision industrial image processing technology for automated item recognition, grading and raw material assessment.

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Automation and intralogistics solutions: Smart. Efficient. Integrated.

Inventory costs down 30%, delivery performance over 99 %, 18 % timesaving in picking: Benefit from the advantages of CSB’s automation and intralogistics solutions and reduce your costs in an automated manner.

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