Where the food industry still has optimization potential

Food Business Insights - 10-2017

The food industry is under pressure. In particular, the high raw material prices further reduce the margins, which in many places are already quite low. This was the result of a recent CSB survey among 120 decision makers in the international food industry. The good news is that there are still many areas that could be optimized with little effort.

Where the food industry still has optimization potential

In the view of increasing costs, manufacturers are looking for new ways to cut costs. There are plenty of promising approaches. And the best thing is that with established digital solutions, you can unleash even more optimization potential.


Today, nothing works for food producers without IT. On the contrary. In the end, especially software and hardware help companies to lower costs, improve quality and become faster. On one condition: that the IT systems – in particular ERP and MES – are seamlessly connected.

Perfect communication between subsidiaries and production

Max Rischart’s Backhaus KG, a baking business based in Munich, supplies eight million customers every year at its 14 subsidiaries. Using the CSB-System, Rischart´s Backhaus ensures among others the optimal communication between head office and subsidiaries. In this way, efficient information and material flows are secured.

Mission Traceability

What do you do when you buy a food factory that doesn’t use a perfect software solution? This is what Ross McMahon asked himself when he took over Kendal Nutricare two years ago. The British entrepreneur found the answer in the newspaper.

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