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Striking numbers

During the last 15 years, the number of food recalls issued around the world has nearly doubled. A product recall is costly and sometimes may even mean the ruin of a company. It causes direct costs for warranty claims as well as indirect costs relating to the damage caused by a negative public image and a loss of confidence.

According to a recent US consumer survey, a food product recall has major impact on consumer behavior in the short term, but also in the long term the effects are significant.

55 %

of the consumers participating in the survey would temporarily buy a different brand

17 %

would avoid all brands of the same manufacturer

16 %

of the consumers would never buy the relevant brand again

12 %

of the survey participants were undecided

Transparency of every processing step - ideally automated


Traceability minimizes the negative effects and builds consumer confidence, and it may even be required by law or traders. For producers this means that they have to document every single processing step to establish full traceability. If it is not done automatically in the system, this task entails a lot of work, often involving manual jobs. Companies would therefore be well advised to automate and digitize their processes. Standardized and fully integrated organizational procedures, as for instance identification, scanning, identifying, weighing, labeling, measuring, controlling, reading and weigh labeling are qualified instruments for seamless traceability and proof of origin of raw materials and products. This also applies to the automated data capture at all control points throughout the entire production flow which ensures systematic quality management, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and effective operational self-inspection.

Enterprises that digitize their processes from beginning to end not only efficiently ensure traceability, but also achieve more transparency of their added value, can optimally control it and consequently reduce costs and improve quality. 

Traceability in the CSB-System

The CSB-Traceability solution at any time determines and consistently proves when, where and by whom your goods were taken over, processed, stored, transported, used, or disposed of. With CSB-Traceability, you control, document and monitor the flow of goods of your products throughout the entire supply chain. The system fully captures all origin and process data and transfers them to your customers and external databases such as fTRACE, mynetfair and ATC. Of course, CSB-Traceability ensures the implementation of the most important laws, regulations and standards as well as international standards: BRC (Global Standard Food Safety), Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), IFS Food (International Featured Standard) and SQF (Safe Quality Food). And the best thing is that traceability can be easily realized with the ERP system by CSB.


"Regionalism is a key issue for us at our four production facilities. For consumers, regionalism implies transparency and safety, and this is what we can offer them by means of traceability. With the so-called QR code, every consumer can gather the relevant information for every single package."

Jan Seidel, Member of executive management
Wolf Wurstspezialitäten GmbH

These are your benefits as a customer

  • Online entry of all data in the operational process without additional costs and work
  • Online data processing, without any stand-alone solutions
  • Seamless documentation within the industry-specific ERP software
  • Continuous optimization of your business processes
  • Minimization of expenses related to documentation and labeling
  • Transparent flows of goods

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