9 cost-cutting measures for more profit!

Concrete savings potentials from the practice of food processing enterprises

Costs down, profits up

Costly raw materials, low margins, high competitive intensity and more regulatory requirements. Today’s environment of the food industry is more challenging than ever before. Find out more in our free white paper:

  • Where to begin in order to become even more efficient
  • How you as a food producer save costs
  • What you should do in order to make more profit

In this white paper, we have compiled for you what we consider as the most important recipes for success. They are based on concrete projects, which we have successfully implemented during the past months:

  1. Digitizing processes saves time and costs
  2. Reducing stock on hand and capital commitment 
  3. Industrial image processing: measuring quicker, safer and more precisely
  4. Better recipes for more profit
  5. Safe batches for better margins
  6. Automation for low costs in intralogistics 
  7. Picking: The zero must stay
  8. Reduce customer lead time
  9. Outsourcing: software and service from the cloud

"We have established fully integrated enterprise resource planning ranging from purchasing and the entire inventory management to the distribution to the individual production cost centers." We supply our subsidiaries, which are all located in close range, several times a day so we can guarantee optimal freshness of our baked goods. A matrix in the CSB-System accurately represents these multiple deliveries."

 Michael Scheyerl, head of administration and controlling at
Max Rischart's Backhaus KG

We have successfully implemented the success recipes together with the following customers: