Industry 4.0

Design today your production of the future

Design today your production of the future - Welcome to the smart factory of the future!

Industry 4.0 is the central theme of the process industry. While today industrial systems are still controlled from one central point, the future will see the rise of intelligent manufacturing systems in which machines, components and products are self-regulating. The software, image processing and automation solutions by CSB will make this digital transformation a success for you. We will accompany you on your way to the Smart Factory. Step by step and module by module.

The Industrial Internet of Things supplies even more data. Utilize them.

Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) aim at networking machines, capturing large data volumes, their evaluation and ultimately at the self-regulation of the smart factory.

The large data volumes of the Smart Factory are not only managed efficiently by the CSB-System, they are also exchanged as decision basis between all individuals involved in the value creation - at any time and at any place. This means the information is put to perfect use for organizing production and logistics. As a result, all available resources at the Smart Factory can be utilized more efficiently and all facilities are controlled in an optimal manner.

The CSB-System is the nervous system of tomorrow’s Smart Factory.

The CSB-System is optimally prepared for further networking, automation and self-regulation of factories. This will secure today your competitive advantage for the future. In the future, the companies who can manufacture faster and more flexibly than their competitors will develop a competitive advantage. This will only be possible if the information is optimally networked in one central nervous system - just like in the CSB-System.

CSB FACTORY ERP®: the answer to requirements from IIoT and Industry 4.0.

Connecting any type of machine from industrial image processing and scales up to production and packaging is decisive. As FACTORY ERP®, the CSB-System incorporates the productivity of a MES system and is therefore more cost-efficient and future-proof. By establishing networks beyond shop floor and top floor, it can portray economic and industry-specific processes like traceability and quality management in one integrated overall system.

CSB FACTORY ERP® consistently represents the entire primary value creation of production and logistics. At the same time, standard interfaces between ERP and FACTORY ERP® guarantee a stable, flexible and integrated system landscape. Not only does this ensure security and stability, but it also makes your IT more flexible and simplifies expansions. Updates and release changes can be be realized quickly and cost-efficiently. New market and legal requirements can be integrated easily.

We show you what you can, must and should do already today.

We have the right solutions to make the digital transformation to the Smart Factory a success. As innovation partner of our customers, we have long ago realized some of the ideas claimed by Industry 4.0 in the CSB-System. For example, machine and operational data are captured online and entered directly in the process already today, and the top floor has direct links to the shop floor. The same applies to machine to machine communication. Many of our customers are already on the road to the smart factory using the solutions from CSB-System. 


CSB linecontrol® supplies all data about the current capacity utilization and performance of your machines in real time. Directly in your ERP system.

Bottlenecks and malfunctions can be clearly indicated and thus eliminated much faster. As all equipment shutdowns and downtimes are reduced to a minimum, the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) remains on a constantly high level.


Trend-setting image processing technologies.

With our fully automated image processing solutions, you optimize already hygiene conditions, reduce the error rate and improve freshness. Our CSB-Vision product line has been specifically developed to analyze raw materials with regard to quality and optimal use. A permantly constant measurement level reduces error rates and costs, fully in line with Industry 4.0: totally automatic and without any need for human intervention.


Virtualization of the supply chain.

The CSB-System enables you already today to plan and to trace products and their creation from field to fork. It enables the complete visualization of the value chain, as information is consistently and automatically passed on from one process step to the next. Today, it even allows consumers to participate in the IT-aided traceability of products.


Step by step from vision to reality.

The self-regulating factory is merely a vision still, yet our solutions provide many elements of tomorrow’s production work today. We recommend a step-by-step approach. First, you should check where it would be profitable to change processes and introduce new technologies. A good start could be the introduction of mobile technologies in production and logistics as well as the implementation of production-related IT functions. In this way, you establish the basis for completely replicating individual processes digitally, for example automated data capture or traceability.

Ultimately, every automation and every introduction of a networked IT system is an important step towards Industry 4.0. The CSB-System constitutes a solid process and data basis for this.

These are your benefits as a customer - With CSB you design today your production of the future. The key benefits at a glance:

  • How to reduce costs: CSB speeds up your processes, renders your supply chain more agile and deploys resources more efficiently.
  • Securing productivity: CSB increases your OEE to more than 80 %.
  • More security and stability: Production and logistics are coordinated across all sites, in the cloud.
  • How to ensure standardized product quality: The automated quality control with CSB-Vision delivers accurate measurement results and reduces the error rate.
  • This creates transparency and streamlined business processes: The CSB-System networks all areas digitally with a consistent data basis.